“Great short stories and great jokes have a lot in common. Both depend on what communication-theorists sometimes called ‘exformation,’ which is a certain quantity of vital information removed from but evoked by a communication in such a way as to cause a kind of explosion of associative connections within the recipient.”

~ David Foster Wallace

EXFORMATION is a group of committed short story writers/readers who are dedicated to the writing craft. We meet weekly to offer feedback on drafts and to discuss short fiction.

 As a group, we value: 

  • commitment to writing craft through close reading and disciplined writing;
  • supporting the Portland literary community by attending readings and giving to or volunteering at literary events;
  • small press, literary journals, zines, podcasts, and blogs;
  • empathy, thoughtful conversation, and inclusion.

For more information, please email us at: exformationgroup at gmail dot com.