“Beneath memory and experience, beneath imagination and invention, beneath words, there are rhythms to which memory and imagination and words all move. The writer’s job is to go deep enough to feel that rhythm, find it, move to it, be moved by it, and let it move memory and imagination to find words.

 ~ Ursula K. Le Guin

“I just realize that we start out in these very awkward ways, and we do look a little silly as we draft, and that’s all right . . . You have to be willing to go into chaos and bring back the beauties.”

  ~ Tess Gallagher

INVENTION is a generative writing group. We welcome all types of writing—fiction, memoir, poetry, prose, illustration, screenwriting, and everything in between. The goal of this group is simply to get words on the page. That’s it. Each session will provide several prompts based on a theme. We write and sometimes we share what we’ve written. We welcome informal, messy, chaotic, experimental, shapeless, inventive writing because that’s how it all starts!

For more details, email: alissa at alissahattman dot com.