I hired Alissa to help me rethink the larger structure of my manuscript of short shorts. With her help, I understood for the first time not only what I was writing about, but toward what end, and I’ve since gone back to her detailed notes numerous times. Alissa’s got editorial chops! But that is not all. Her perspective is augmented by her own writing practice and mounting list of publishing credits—writing is not something at a remove for her. This comes through in the care she puts into her working relationship with authors. I would recommend her to any serious writer of fiction looking to move a manuscript from draft to publishing house.

~ S. Asher Sund, writer


I have had the distinct pleasure, and the great fortune, of working with Alissa Hattman as a line editor off & on over the past six years, spanning multiple projects. She is my go-to sounding board for constructive, inspiring, insightful feedback every time. Her ear for textual rhythm is rivaled only by her thoughtful cognizance of content. This is a writer/editor who has put in the time and work on top of a brimming natural talent & aptitude for language, as well as critical thinking. The result is nothing short of world-class guidance. I would recommend Ms. Hattman whole-heartedly for any editing job.

~ Tai Woodville, writer & musician